Dear Participant,
We have negotiated special prices with some hotels. Hotel descriptions are available here. To make your reservations, please use hotel registration form.  All hotels in the ISEG area, São Bento, Rato, Lapa, Madragoa. Be aware that the date of the EAJ Conference match summer vacation and hotels are full. The sooner you make your reservation the better.
Hotel Amazonia (3 *) 
Amazónia Lisboa Hotel ***
Single APA - € 88.00
Double BB - 95,00 €
Rates per room per night with VAT and breakfast included.
We also inform that the reference “EAJ Conference 2020” will be created in order to identify the requests for the event in question, we also alert you to the fact that the rates and conditions are only valid for reservations made directly with the hotel by fax or E-mail , any reservation made through an agency or website the prices and conditions to be applied will be the same.
However we inform you that given the flow of reservations for the period in question, any reservation request will be subject to the availability of the hotel.
Hotel (York House (4 *) 
Prices for EAJ Conference 2020 from 9 to 12 September 2020
• Single room per night - 145.00 euros (Breakfast included)
• Double room per night - 160.00 euros (Breakfast included)
• Tourist tax - 2.00 euros per pax / day
At the moment we can make 15 rooms available for this event, until the 31st of May 2020, each client when making the reservation must mention “EAJ Conference 2020“, so that they can take advantage of the special price and when making the reservation, please send us the number of credit card for guarantee and confirmation.
Payment will be made directly by customers
Lisbon Sao Bento Hotel (3 *)
(It is the best in terms of quality / price / location and we are still waiting for a prices)
Hotel Janelas Verdes (4 *) 
We create a promotional code with an associated discount and customers can access via our website and access the special conditions and book immediately.
Is it possible for you to make this disclosure?
Place dates and automatically view special prices with 15% discount on all our rates)